Picture of the outdoor wedding ceremony grounds at WatersEdge, Columbus, OH wedding venue

Congratulations on your engagement. Now that you know you’re going to be married, it’s time to plan the event. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. You can have fun and have the wedding of your dreams as long as you keep your vision in mind and stay organized. Here are 7 steps to get your started.

1. Gather organizational supplies.

You’ll need a few things if you are going to stay on track.

  • a notebook for writing down ideas and taking notes on plans and pricing
  • a three-ring binder and some plastic sheet protectors for important papers and literature from vendors
  • a bulletin board to post your ideas and inspirations
  • a planner style calendar specifically for the wedding
  • a Pinterest account for organizing online inspirations
  • a spreadsheet program for keeping track of guest lists and other important information

2. Announce your big news.

Tell your friends and family that you have decided to get married. Talk to them in person if possible, and tell everyone right away. Information can get out quickly, especially with social media. Consider asking friends and family to keep the announcement private until you can tell everyone.

You can then send a “Save the Date” to people you know you’ll be inviting. You can also send formal announcements or even throw a party to announce your engagement to everyone at once.

3. Decide on a season.

You don’t have to set a specific date right away, but you should start thinking about when you want to get married. Try to settle on a season or a month.

Remember that you will have plenty of planning to do and some items may have to be ordered, so give yourself at least nine months.  

WatersEdge can host a beautiful wedding ceremony in any season. You will love a beautiful lakeside wedding in spring and summer or a romantic ceremony next to the indoor fireplace in the colder months.

4. Share your visions.

Get a clear idea what your spouse-to-be wants out of a wedding, and share your opinion as well. Consider these questions.

  • Would you prefer a small wedding or a large one?
  • Do you want to get married in a church? Outdoors? At a particular venue?
  • Do you envision a formal wedding or a casual affair?
  • Are there any specific traditions you definitely want to include?

This is also a good time to talk about themes. Are there passions or activities the two of you consider central to your relationship or identity as a couple? Do you want to include these in the wedding?

WatersEdge is a wonderful option for a full wedding or a wedding reception. You’ll have the freedom to throw the wedding of your dreams in a romantic setting, and the team can help make sure that all of your special details are included.

5. Create a basic budget.

Before you can start any serious planning, you will need to know how much you can spend. Sit down with your intended and decide how much money the two of you will contribute to the wedding. Then talk to your parents, or anyone else who might be paying the bills, about how much they can afford.

Wedding expenses can add up very quickly. It is important to know how much money you have to spend. A beautiful wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Work within a realistic budget, and you will avoid any financial surprises.

6. Consider your wedding party.

Who do you want with you on your big day? Traditionally, the bride chooses a maid or matron of honor, and the groom chooses a best man. Then each person picks several bridesmaids or groomsmen as well as a flower girl and a ring barer.

There is no reason you have to follow this tradition if it doesn’t work for you. You can have any number of witnesses you want, and they can be either gender. You can even pull your puppy down the aisle in a wagon. It’s completely up to you.

7. Create a rough guest list.

Write down the names of everyone you’d like to invite to your wedding, and have your partner do the same. Start with family. Then move on to close friends, casual friends, coworkers and acquaintances. Then ask your parents if there are people they would like you to include.

This will give you a general idea of the size of your wedding. If it seems too big, start making cuts.

Making a spreadsheet of your guest list can help you keep track. This is especially helpful when you start cutting back.

You might want to send invitations to out-of-town guests early. That way you can invite additional local friends if your traveling guests can’t make it.

Your wedding should be a unique celebration of you as a couple, so plan a day that fulfills your dreams.

WatersEdge Events can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. They can take care of everything from flowers to reception entertainment to your perfect cake.

Contact them today for a great start on an amazing wedding and an incredible future as a married couple.