Shot of the WatersEdge indoor reception area during indoor wedding in Columbus, OH

Wedding Packages in Columbus, OH by WatersEdge

When we started the WatersEdge wedding venue, we were inspired by the look of the beautiful 9 acre lake, and the majestic greens that surrounded the property. But we also know that not everyone wants an outdoor wedding, nor is an outdoor wedding always possible given the ever changing weather.

That is why we built our indoor wedding venue to be the perfect complement to the outdoor décor. Used by most couples as an indoor wedding reception venue, we can also customize it as needed for an equally beautiful ceremony if the weather or your vision allows.

About Indoor Ballroom

We knew from the beginning how important it was to have an indoor space that can complement the lakes and grounds that surround WatersEdge. That is why we have modeled our indoor venue in a way that fits seamlessly as a reception hall for an outdoor ceremony, and represent a beautiful option as a backup venue for bad weather or an indoor option for those that like the warmth of the decorated walls.

Our venue is decorated with you and your guests in mind, with features that include:

  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Substantial Seating (Up to 225 Guests)
  • Glass Windows
  • Two Story Fireplace
  • Hardwood Dance Floor

There is plenty of space for the you and your guests to socialize, branch out, and enjoy yourselves. Our indoor wedding prices are also very affordable, with plenty of wonderful package options to help ensure that your special day goes well.

Contact WatersEdge Today

If you have been looking for a beautiful Columbus Indoor wedding venue, we’re confident that you’ll love WatersEdge. Indoors, outdoors, or a hybrid of the two, our venue is customized for every couple to start their marriage the right way, with plenty of options to help ensure that you and your guests have an amazing time. Please click here or call us today at (614) 876-2200 for a tour.

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