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WatersEdge Wedding Venue & Event Planning Blog

WatersEdge Wedding Venue & Event Planning Blog


Five Essential Wedding Elements

Whether you're planning a wedding with a dozen attendants, two hundred guests and a dress straight from the designer's atelier, or a beachside ceremony in bare feet, shorts, guayabera shirts and a few friends, the perfect wedding is defined by what suits your taste, budget, needs and desires. With over two million marriages annually in the U.S., there's plenty of inspiration and ideas available.

Welcome to WatersEdge: Columbus, Ohio’s Most Beautiful Wedding Venue and Corporate Event Space

We are WatersEdge, Columbus; Ohio’s most beautiful wedding venue and corporate event space. We’d like to welcome you to our new blog section! We have experience in all kinds of events: weddings, receptions, private parties and even corporate events. We’re going to use our new blog as our little platform to share what we know, giving valuable tips and advice to those who want it. We’re really excited to get started! Maybe you’d love some tips on how to plan the perfect corporate event, or our tricks for a magical wedding day. We’re going to share it all with you.

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