Everyone wants to do something special for someone else and there is no better time to be unique then when proposing. If you are looking for awesome and unique ways to propose to your special someone then we have a few suggestions that you might not have thought of.

A Photo Opp

Plan a date to your favorite place to go – especially somewhere that is a place that you’d normally want your picture taken together. Ask someone to take your photo together and then make your proposal. With this idea, you even have a photo commemorating the special event.

This idea also works by having couples shoot planned so that you are already dressed and can turn that into an engagement shoot after you propose.

A Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt? Start it at your home and have your partner visit all of your favorite spots together (restaurants, clubs, a park, etc) and ultimately end up with your proposal.

A Dance Floor Proposal

If you and your future spouse love to dance the night away, plan ahead by asking the DJ if it is okay to have the microphone for a minute or two to supposedly dedicate a song but instead, propose right there on the dance floor.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Have a cake made with the words on top that read, “Will you marry me?” and have it displayed in the window. Plan a route that takes you right by there so it can be seen. After your proposal, both of you can enjoy the cake at home.

Have Your Canine Friend Help

If you have a dog, tie the ring to the dog’s collar and propose after your partner pets the dog or sees the ring.

Here is the News

Take out an ad in the newspaper (a full page ad would be ideal) and plan a nice, relaxing breakfast on a Sunday morning where your partner can see the ad while catching up on the news.

Make it a Nice Dinner

Cook a wonderful meal with all five courses and propose over dessert. If you’re not savvy in the kitchen, have it delivered or pick up his or her favorite foods.

Love, Actually

Have a bunch of posters made up ahead of time with each one spelling out a phrase like, “I love you” or “You make me happy.” At the end of the posters, have the ones that will spell out, “Will you marry me?”

Message in a Bottle

Plan a trip to the beach (or lake, etc) and have a message buried in a bottle that you will both find. You can either do this the night before and make sure that it is a place you can find or find a way to bury the bottle when you arrive without the other person seeing it. Have a message inside that relates to your proposal and then pop the question after you read the message together.

Reach for the Stars

There is nothing more romantic than going stargazing and if you can plan a trip where you can see the Milky Way or a meteor shower – all the better. Find a deserted spot where stargazing is possible and propose under the night sky.

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