Young coworkers at table with fresh lemonade having fun in a outdoors summer barbecue during company outing in Columbus, OH

Corporate events aren’t always known for being extremely memorable or fun affairs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. You can create an exciting evening that will be enjoyed by all your guests if you just add a few creative touches here and there. Whether you’re having a party or an award dinner, below you’ll find 10 fun ideas to make your event memorable in all the right ways.

Create a Theme

Make the whole night seem more magical by coming up with a fun theme that everyone can participate in. It can be as simple as black-and-white where everyone wears nothing but those colors and the decorations match, or it can be something a little more complex and bold, such as Arabian Nights or a 1940’s theme. Adding a theme instantly makes your event more fun and exciting and gives your guests a chance to participate by dressing up to fit in with the atmosphere of the party.

Rent a Photo Booth

People love taking pictures. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are filled with proof that people love to document fun moments with photos. Sure, you could let everyone take their own selfies, but why not spice things up a little? Make photos more fun with a photo booth that everyone can stop by during the night. It’ll make the evening instantly more glamorous and exciting.

Have Entertainment

You don’t want a single dull moment at your event. People shouldn’t be forced to sit around and wonder what time they can leave without seeming rude. Don’t let the party fizzle before it really begins. Hire a performer of some kind to keep the magic alive during any downtime. A band or DJ can ensure that there’s never any awkward silent moments. Or branch out into something more unique by hiring a comedian or caricature artist.

Host a Contest

The love of winning is something we all have in common, so why not incorporate it into your event. If you’re hosting an award dinner, have a separate contest for something completely unrelated to the awards. Give a prize for best dressed or most creative outfit. Give out prizes for the cutest couple or most entertaining guest. This is another form of entertainment that allows the guest to play along and compete against each other in a friendly way.

Give Out Door Prizes

Again, everyone likes to win. So, have a few random prize opportunities throughout the evening to increase people’s chances of going away with a prize, and to add some lighthearted entertainment to the event. These prizes can be anything from coffee mugs and gift certificates to blenders and coffee machines, whatever you want. Make these prizes extra entertainment by citing silly requirements to win, such as the first person to bring you a quarter, the person wearing the most rings, or the first person to stand up and spin in circles. It’s another fun way to engage with your guests and make the night memorable for all who attend.

Include Donations to a Charitable Cause

You can incorporate charity into the event in many ways. Have guests donate food when they first arrive or host a silent auction for a more elegant evening. People will appreciate the chance to give back and respect the company even more for using the event to make a positive difference in the world.

Play Games

Everyone loves games, and it’s a great way to keep the party alive between the main events. There are plenty of corporate game ideas that flow well with any theme and are a quick, fun form of entertainment that the guests can engage in, such as bingo, charades, or name that tune. If you’ve selected a Vegas theme for your party, you can pull out all the stops with a roulette wheel, poker table, and even a few slot machines.  

Have a Designated Dance Area

Designate a specific space for dancing throughout the evening. If you have a band or DJ as entertainment, there are sure to be a few guests who want to experience the music by showing off their dance moves, especially if you’ve selected a specific decade as your event’s theme. People can dance the night away in styles that don’t get enough attention anymore. It’s an activity that’s sure to create some lasting memories and great photo opportunities. Plus, it helps everyone loosen up and have fun.

Pass Out Gift Bags

Upon leaving, make sure everyone is given a gift bag to thank them for coming and being a part of the event. You can include anything from shot glasses to candles or personalized soap, and small boxes of chocolate or cake pops are always a favorite among those with a sweet tooth. It doesn’t matter what you choose to include, people will appreciate the gesture regardless. It’s a nice way to go the extra mile for your employees/colleagues.

Create a Lasting Memory

Create a large banner or frame a large blank canvas, and have everyone who attends sign it before they leave. They can write what their favorite moment of the night was and sign their name next to it. After the event is over you can add pictures from the photo booth and display it in the office somewhere. It’ll be a fun reminder of the successful event.

Regardless of the theme or games you choose, WatersEdge is the perfect venue for your next corporate event. Our picturesque location on 27 wooded acres with lake views is the perfect place to go to get away from the day-to-day office settings and create a memorable evening. If you would like to learn more about our venue and catering services, or you’d like to book us for your next event, please contact us. We look forward to serving you.